Food for a Healthy and Sexier Brain

You read it right!

Ever wonder why other gals got the body and the brain? Well, they have done something to be equally sexy and smart.


I have done a bit of research and here are some foods that cannot only make you healthier but also smart.

Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, this helps your blood to flow smoothly to your brain which in turn let your brain function properly.
Blueberries, this helps improve your learning skill and also your motor skills which helps you to move smoothly and think clearly.
Ginger, this helps a lot by protecting your brain from disease because of its anti-inflammatory effect.
Nuts, this helps a lot in increasing blood flow to your brain which is why most of the people believed it to be beneficial when eating before examinations
Apple, they say that this helps a lot when it comes to empowering your mind and to be emotionally stable


So, there you go. Maybe you can also do your mini research when it comes to boosting your brain and feel sexier not only outside but also inside.

Remember! Taking good care of your brain should be an important part of your healthy lifestyle. As they say, smart is the new sexy.

Stay smart 😉

– Jacky



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